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A Walk around the Spa Resort

The main attraction of Rogaška Slatina is the heart of the Spa resort with its promenade which is the green heart of the health complex and here is the beginning of our short walks, that we have prepared for you to enjoy the true Rogaška Slatina.
A walk through the heart of the Health resort is definitely a relaxing experience, which is at the same time filled with excitement. The tour can be started by the Tempel pavilion, which is built on top of the old spring which was named simply “The main spring”. The first mention of this spring dates far back to the year 1141, but the first reliable information about it is from 1680. The representative spring used to be a spatial dominant of the valley and the centre of the social life. With it Slovenia got one of the most beautiful structures from the classicist period. In this part of the 

promenade we can also see the weather house, stop by the statue of St. Janez Nepomuk and the monument of count Attems, who is known to be the founder of the Spa resort. We can admire the display of the spring of mineral water that we can also try at the Forest spring on the foot of the hill. Of course we cannot just pass by the drinking hall of mineral

waters, where we can quench our thirst with a glass of Donat, Tempel or Styria and at the end we can find some spiritual relaxation at the chapel of St. Ana, the protector of the Health resort. 
Filled with new strength we continue our walk along the Health resort promenade and park, which join together on the European platform and represent the centre surrounded by hotels, apartments, pools and other facilities. Next to the natural green blanket, which surrounds the centre, the park and promenade with arranged tree lanes and cut bushes help to a better and more pleasant being. On our way we stop by what used to be a Health centre in which count Attems, who carried the name of the Health resort into the world, used to reside. By constructing the Health centre (today’s Grand Hotel Rogaška, Hotel Styria, hotel Strossmayer and pavilion Tempel) the place got a classicistic look. Around the year 1900 most of the buildings were built in the secession style (house of Ljubljana, Hotel Soča – currently called Aleksander). The last hotels (Grand Hotel Sava, Grand Hotel Donat and the building Terapija, today known as the Medical centre) were built in modernistic style. We certainly cannot pass the Crystal hall, which is situated in the Grand Hotel Rogaška. The hall which used to be the place of the famous Ana’s Ball with 200 years of tradition is still today a scene for various balls and concerts. The hall got the name from its chandeliers, windows and mirrors, all hand-made from crystal glass, which points to the second important activity in Rogaška Slatina – glass industry. On the walls of the hall hang four oil paintings by A. Schrötter. 
Our path continues through the main part of the park which is marked today by a tree lane of white maple and chestnut trees over to the oldest wine cellar in the centre of Rogaška Slatina, where we can refresh ourselves with a taste of top quality wines. The path takes us back on the opposite side of the promenade park, along the mysterious trail of Pegasus’s hooves to Hotel Slatina and behind Villa golf, where we can see the famous Ivan’s spring, which is alive and preserved still today. After we try a glass of natural mineral water from the original spring, we continue our way toward the great statue of the flying horse Pegasus with the golden hoof which has, according to the legend, discovered the springs of Rogaška Slatina.

The tour of the heart of the Health resort Rogaška Slatina is professionally guided by local tourist guides (duration of the tour: 45-60 minutes)

Meeting point: Tourist information centre Rogaška Slatina (TIC)
, Zdraviliški trg 1, Rogaška Slatina.