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I hear Rogaška Slatina

As many times before I hear music; classical, instrumental, the kind that belongs here, in the heart of Rogaška’s promenade. Just like the water, music is a part of Rogaška Slatina. The summer promenade concerts in the pavilion Temple, which every morning and afternoon enrich the heart of the healing centre with music, festival Musica – feel the music, which brings to you the best musicians of different genres ...

This year the traditional and international Ana’s dance returned to the stage. It has been reborn and added a blink of “Summer with Ana” as a closing event to the month of July.

Music and dance, dance and music; I can see it now – the dancing couples in the Crystal hall, which shines the most brightly in the whole of Slovenia. Here even the famous Hungarian composer and pianist, Franz Liszt, held one of his concerts.
I smile again because I realise that I’m swaying to the rhythm of the violin, which I can still hear in the background to the majestic form of the healing centre, as I’m walking towards the end of the promenade. So mighty, so different; like it does not belong in this time and place, but at the same time so perfectly combined in harmony – this is Rogaška Slatina that I hear.

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