Rogaška Slatina Well-being, Relaxation and Health from the Source

Park rož

Popular European Spa Resort

The unique composition of the natural mineral water Donat Mg is still today the main reason for Rogaška Slatina being a popular European Health Spa resort specialised for healing and easing chronicle gastrointestinal, metabolic (diabetes, elevated blood lipids, obesity), management and psychosomatic diseases for centuries.
The healing power of the mineral water Donat Mg is the basis of the therapeutic procedures in the renowned Medical centre in the Spa resort Rogaška with the long lasting tradition. The medical professionalism and specialisation of the staff and an individual programme are all part of a guaranteed quality service. The Spa resort offers a wide range of health and medical wellness programmes, which provide for health and well-being.  

All this was recently joined by a wide range of wellness centres which offer relaxation programmes, Rogaška Riviera with indoor and outdoor pools and whirlpools, saunas, other pools within the hotels and beauty centres with programmes for face and body care. 
Today Rogaška Slatina is much more than just a Health resort. It has involved into an attractive town, which knows how to combine 400 years of tradition with a modern sense of the present. You can choose between numerous hotels of the best quality of accommodation and catering services, and lately this offer has been expanded by a range of smaller private offers.  

The tourist offer of Rogaška Slatina has always been laced with rich cultural and entertainment within the Spa resort center and the city itself and tries to keep that tradition even today. During the summer promenade concerts in the Spa park of the Health resort give life to Rogaška Slatina. Along with all this, Rogaška Slatina offers also attractive challenges of gaming and congress tourism. 
Mingling with people, connected by the wish of quality, healthy and relaxing holidays has always been a reason to visit the springs of health, and along with that there is always the surprisingly small but unique place in the northeast of Slovenia.