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Rogaška Slatina Well-being, Relaxation and Health from the Source


Donat Mg

Some drink it for health, some for beauty and youth, others for thirst.

Bubbly water springs have looked for attention already in times of Romans, so proves us the road in the immediate vicinity of Rogaška springs, which connected the two important Roman old cities Celeia and Petovia. Those who drank the water from Rogaška springs, soon found out, that after regular drinking they feel very good. So the reputation slowly spread. Water flavoured with plenty of bubbles has attracted many curious people, especially scientists, who have through the history increased their knowledge of these wells. In several centuries with their work they gained many valuable and interesting information, not only of historical value. Many of them are precious stones in the mosaic of knowledge about Rogaška mineral waters. 

In 2008 was the 100th anniversary of the moment when in so called Knettum system came to the surface natural mineral water with the highest mineralization ever. Since then the natural mineral water Donat is the basic for medical and spa treatments in Rogaška Slatina.

Source: Čoh, A., Čoh, V. 2008. Naravna mineralna voda Donat Mg. Ljubljana, Droga Kolinska d.d.