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Rogaška Slatina Well-being, Relaxation and Health from the Source


Enjoying the Pools

Swimming is possible in Hotel pools and in the pools of Rogaška Riviera, where you can use recreational spaces, different kinds of water massages, swimming in pleasantly warm thermal-mineral water which also takes care of relaxing your tired muscles and joints. Next to all that you can restore your energy in different kinds of saunas. 

The town is famous for remarkable quality of water, which is also available in the pools Rogaška Riviera and included in the countless possibilities of water massages which positively affect infections, degenerative illnesses of joints and helps people in recovery. They speed up the posttraumatic recovery and provide a wonderful feeling of being reborn and of ease. The temperature of the water is from 27 to 36°C (80 to 96°F).